A Good Time For A Welcome

Mian Labs is now officially an established brand. It is no longer an idea, but a living, breathing piece of technology with a hold on my brain that is uniquely its own. And it cares only for one thing: good software.

It exists to secure the future of better code. And I exist to aid it in that mission. Follow us along while we reach our initial goal of making the Android platform our home for inventive and memorable experiences; we all might just learn quite a lot.

I plan to welcome the coming of Mian Labs with its first software release, an Android application called Pkdx (pronounced “Pikadex”).


Pkdx will offer its users the chance to board a vessel in time back to the simpler, older days of the Pokémon franchise, where catching Pokémon was accompanied by a sense of childish wonder and amazement, delivered by a technology powered by only two AA batteries.

A place where the menus were cluttered and the text was cramped, and yet for all of our modern design today we still can’t quite feel the same endearment whenever we tap to accept another friend request or click to ‘like’ whatever sort of media bit popped up on our news feed.

I believe that these sorts of meaningful experiences, even more so than the code that powers them, is what Mian Labs is about. It is not only my brand, my label, and perhaps later on even something more, but it is also my humanity – put forth to you: the reader, the user, and the friend.

You will see more about it and the tech behind it as it is released.

Update: Pkdx has been released. You can get it here.